Funded by Taxpayers, Not by Politicians: PNG’s Tax Chief Urges Media to Highlight the Real Source

“In this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes” as Benjamin Franklin once stated As certain as it is, tax, is one topic that certainly intimidates many, even the most learned. And that is how the Commissioner General of IRC, Sam Koim, started his recent address at the PNG National Press Club... more →
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Flight Attendants Paid As Low as VT2,600 A Fortnight
Air Vanuatu has been the only major Airline flying in Vanuatu for over 17 years, a company dedicated to service. But is VT2,600 a fortnight sufficient pay for these services? ”Before COVID-19 I was being paid VT20,000 a fortnight,” a source who formerly worked at Air Vanuatu as a flight attendant and wishes to remain anonymous... more →
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