Badan Forum Pasifik katakan Australia berkomitmen dukung ekonomi Pasifik

Perdana Menteri Malcolm Turnbull dan Menteri Luar Negeri Julie Bishop meluncurkan Kebijakan luar Negeri Australia bulan November lalu. – ABC/AAP/ Lukas Coch Jayapura, Jubi – Kebijakan Luar Negeri Australia menunjukkan ekonomi terbesar di Pasifik Selatan itu, berkomitmen membantu negara-negara kepulauan kecil seperti... more →
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Western Highlands loses man of peace and businessman

Western Highlands loses man of peace and businessman WESTERN Highlands chief and Komkui business group chairman Andrew Dokta, who died this month, was laid to rest at his village of Tiling, in Mt Hagen, on Wednesday. Dokta, the chief leader of the Moge tribe, died on Dec 8 after a short illness. He comes from the Moge Komnuka clan... more →
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Kava Banned in Poland

Promoter of Vanuatu and Vanuatu kava in Poland, Dawid Chajman, is advising everyone entering his country to be “very, very careful” and not bring even one kilogram of kava saying, they stand the risk of being jailed because kava remains a highly dangerous drug. Even though Poland is a full member of the European Union, kava... more →
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EU Kava Market On

Vanuatu Government OFficials dealing with Kava Processing Former Ambassador to the European Union Roy Micky Joy and German Scientist Dr. Mathias Schmidt who have fought tooth and nail to defend the Pacific kava market in the European Union since the kava ban came into effect in 2002, have confirmed the German Court has ruled beyond... more →
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Mining Protest in Lala, Temotu Provice, Solomon Islands

The mining officials were turned back upon their arrival in Lata last Sunday AN anti-mining group in Lata, Temotu province has protested against a mining talks in Lata, Temotu province over the weekend. As a result three local mining officials were turned back at the Lata airport last Sunday. The Pacific Bauxite Mining official... more →
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Trade Capacity Building Support for MSG Secretariat

The trade and investment policy advisory services of the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) Secretariat in Port Vila, Vanuatu have been boosted through technical support received from the European Union-funded TradeCom II Programme. Following the launch of the 10-month Project on 14 August 2017, consultants of the Mauritian company... more →
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Pengusaha perempuan Vanuatu masuk 70 perempuan inspirasional Pasifik

Rosemary Leona pemiliki Hotel Vila Rose an bisnis ekspor kava Vanuatu Wise – DVU Port Vila, Jubi – Seorang pengusaha wanita asli Ni-Vanuatu, Rosemary Leona, adalah bukti nyata perempuan Pasifik mampu mengukir nama di area bisnis yang didominasi oleh pria di kawasan tersebut. Leona telah menerima pengakuan oleh South Pacific... more →
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Landowners told start businesses from payment

September 12, 2017 The NationalBusiness PLANT site landowners in the four PNG LNG project-impacted villages should use the project as a catalyst to do business, says a housing estate developer. Edai Town Development Limited director Kym Yong said locals should focus on doing business by using their land royalties. “The project... more →
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Haiveta vows to back Gulf people resolve land issues

September 12, 2017 The National Business Haiveta vows to back Gulf people resolve land issues GULF Governor Chris Haiveta has promised to support his people in resolving their landowner issues quickly so that they can be paid royalties due to them. The Mineral Resource Development Company handed out the first PNG LNG royalty payments... more →
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