Jhon Kwano: Doing Business in Melanesia is Still Done in Service to the Colonial Masters

Jhon Y. Kwano, the owner of PAPUAmart.com as a start-up minimarket in West Papua says business in Melanesia is still done in service to the colonial masters, not to help ourselves in our regional economy. He points out for example, most of the business deals are done between Melanesian nation-state with western countries like New... more →
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Pengusaha perempuan Vanuatu masuk 70 perempuan inspirasional Pasifik

Rosemary Leona pemiliki Hotel Vila Rose an bisnis ekspor kava Vanuatu Wise – DVU Port Vila, Jubi – Seorang pengusaha wanita asli Ni-Vanuatu, Rosemary Leona, adalah bukti nyata perempuan Pasifik mampu mengukir nama di area bisnis yang didominasi oleh pria di kawasan tersebut. Leona telah menerima pengakuan oleh South Pacific... more →
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Young Bitcoin entrepreneur brings Silicon Valley to Papua New Guinea

Day One Investments’ Shane Ninai addresses a Blockchain event in London earlier this year.
by Business Advantage PNG A young Papua New Guinean entrepreneur is bringing Silicon Valley to PNG to help boost financial inclusion in the country.  Day One Investments’ Shane Ninai tells Business Advantage PNG of his plans to encourage the use of the virtual currency, Bitcoin. ‘For the first time in history, we have... more →
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