PM: Agriculture, digital economy  the way forward for PNG

Papua New Guinea (PNG)’s 8th Prime Minister James Marape spoke to The National’s senior writer MALUM NALU in an exclusive interview last week. Marape wants to transform the agriculture sector into a vibrant revenue earner for PNG. IT is not difficult to fathom why Prime Minister James Marape has made it loud and clear that... more →
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Building local digital economy in the context of international standards

Key stakeholders in digital trade such as banks, telecommunication providers, education institutions and small businesses have convened to discuss how to use international standards to boost digital trade They talked about challenges that small businesses are facing with digital technologies and how to overcome them. Discussions... more →
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Malaysian PM defends developing countries

Malaysian PM defends developing countries DEVELOPING nations should not be blamed when in their efforts to catch up with developed nations, they end up losing, says Malaysia Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad. He said previous models in trade, economy, governance and politics could no longer be followed. Some nations were still trying... more →
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