Vanuatu participating in World Expo 2021

Six local businesses have packed their products to be sent to the World Expo in Dubai, a showcase that will take place over 6 months.

The World Expo is held every 5 years but was postponed last year due to the raging pandemic. The expo arrangements have been made ready for 2021 and will be held in Dubai the capital of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Local businesses were asked to participate through the Vanuatu Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) and 6 had shown interest to participate. ACTIV, EAU DES ÎLES, Tanna Coffee, fine foods and Vanuatu Bijouterie and Vanuatu Handikraft have loaded up their produce for the expo.

The Commissioner General representing Vanuatu for the world expo and Director of External Trade Vanuatu Joe Pakoa states; “As the Commissioner of the Expo, after so many meetings with the national expo committee we have now sealed a 20 foot container for the World Expo that will be held in Dubai, now that we have finally closed the container, this container brings the exhibition products and the products that will be on sale. This world expo is different from the rest, we entered to exhibit, but this time we have a retail shop so we will be allowed to sell Vanuatu products.”

According to the Commissioner, the national day will be on October 5 currently the committee is planning a delegation on the 1st of October as well as part of the national day on the 5th, the whole national compound will be focused on Vanuatu products

On the 1st of October the World Expo opens, every country will celebrate their national day on the 5th. That’s when the products will be showcased. This will allow exposure for local businesses, marketing opportunities as well as invite interested business people around the Arab and gulf countries to possibly invest in local businesses showcased at the expo.

“Vanuatu would like to continue to strengthen its relations with United Arab Emirates government as it is a business hub, not only in terms of diplomatic relations but business development, we want to explore those areas as well as tourism,” says Mr. Pakoa.

The container is yet to meet Biosecurity inspections to ensure that the shipment is secure before it is sealed on the 28th.

The UAE will be supporting delegations of representatives of each country participating to the World Expo.

“The Vanuatu team will be heading there around September, we will be submitting our delegation list. I will be part of the delegation,” says Pakoa.

He also discloses that the UAE King will be inviting the Prime Minister or President, the invitation is yet to arrive.


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