Life Skills for Women in the Informal Sector to be Economically Self Reliant

The YSDDA Board in its Meeting No. 3/2021 last night approved more life skills training for women in all the four (4) LLGs of YS District. Our initial funding of such training has been overwhelmingly positive so we will continue in all LLGs.

One of our District’s education policy is all schools must have uniforms. All uniforms will be sourced from the mothers who will learn how to sew uniforms and gowns so money is kept in the community.

Education and skills development is our second top priority after #GodFirst. We have been investing in education in the formal sector. Now that we have enough primary schools, high schools, secondary schools and the School of Excellence, the focus will shift to life skills education, technical and vocations and university matriculation.

Education and life-skills training is the ladder to our future prosperity. Why we invest in women’s life skills training first is because they are wealth creators. What they gain will be reinvested back into their families.

You give a woman something and she will increase and transform it and return it to you. You give her raw food, she will give you a delicious plate of food. You give her education, she will look after you till your old age. You give her proper market facilities and security, she will make money. You give her opportunities and she will create wealth for your family and community.

As the leader of the People First Party, one of our key priorities is to harness the potential of our women & girls in Papua New Guinea. I believe PNG will transform when we love, respect, protect and enhance their potential.

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