Church leader says casino will increase social problems

June 8, 2021The NationalNational

CASINOS have economic advantages and disadvantages but they have more negative socio-economic impacts, Evangelical Lutheran Church of PNG (ELCPNG) head bishop Rev Dr Jack Urame says.“I disagree with approval to build a casino in the nation’s capital as the country has had enough of social problems.

“Family units are disintegrated, crime is increasing, poverty is affecting many families, joblessness is rising and the general law and order situation in the country does not look good anymore.

“Thus the future of our country remains uncertain.“The introduction and construction of a casino in our country is only adding to our existing socio-economic woes.

“Casino will not promote our wellbeing, security, future and common good but will affect people financially, detrimental to families and societies.

“Families are the basic unit of our society.

“This foundation will be disintegrated and poverty will increase if family money and time are wasted on a casino.

“If we want to build up our country, we must do things that promote people’s interest and attitude to work hard and contribute to nation building.

“Not encouraging them to do nothing for the country but gamble away all their time and money.

“Our decision must be guided by our collective wisdom for our common good. “Therefore I appeal to our decision-makers in the Government to reconsider their approval for the good of our country.”

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