Prime Minister James Marape Has Done Great Job for Our Economy

Every man has his own weaknesses and strengthens. It’s the same with a leader, MP or a PM.

But one thing which led me to write up this piece is; since Independence no one PM has ever fought for Economic Independence and greater share/equity participation in our resources projects unlike PM James Marape.

Even before political Independence, colonisers like Germany and Australia stole our resources including gold and copra, leaving us high and dry. Wau Bulolo Gold Mine (biggest Gold Mine in those days) is a classic example of which Billions of Kina disappeared without any trace. We all know what happened in Bougainville, AROB! Our resources are a matter of live and death so we need a leadership that aggressively promotes greater ownership and participation in terms of monetary gains and benefits!

In neighbouring West Papua, they have the largest Gold Mine (Grasberg) in the world. The Indonesian Govt owns 52% whilst the Developer (Freeport- McMoRan) owns 48%. PNG also has world class mines like Lihir, Ok Tedi, Porgera, etc..yet we don’t even have more than 20% equity in any of these mines.

So how will we become Economically Independent if we continue to support greedy MPs or PMs who for their own greed continue to succumb to the wishes of multinational companies that squander and exploit our God given natural resources in front of our very eyes?
PMJM is the only PM in the history of this Country who is currently amending our existing natural resources laws and acts. These laws were originally influenced by the colonisers so that they would keep on exploiting our resources within the legal frameworks even after political Independence (neo-colonialism). Now you know why we got Political Independence WITHOUT Bloodshed!

After 45 years, our economy can NOT continue to be debt-ridden, depending on borrowings, foreign aids and refinancing strategies to stay afloat. PNG NEEDS ECONOMIC FREEDOM, free from debt and foreign dependency!

If we take 51% equity in Porgera, based on ongoing negotiations, it’s the first step toward Economic Independence which would set the precedence toward greater control and ownership of our other natural resources projects going forward.

Papua New Guineans will NO LONGER be suppressed by greedy MPs with vested interests and/or Foreigners or multinational companies who plunder and feast on our resources as if there are NO rightful owners or beneficiaries in the Land!

Every genuine Papua New Guinean needs to support any MP or PM who fights for our rights, our resources and our future! PNG is not a COLONY anymore!

During these critical moments, we can not look any further than James Marape!

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