Marape: My failure if …

PRIME Minister James Marape says he will consider himself a “failure” if PNG does not become the “richest black nation on earth by 2029”.

“By 2029, if we don’t make this country the richest black nation on Planet Earth, then we will have failed,” he added.

“I’ll assess myself as having failed in my life. It (becoming the richest black nation on earth) is not impossible. We can do it,” Marape stressed.

Project Officer of Johnstaff International Development Melinda Kanamon updating Australian High Commissioner Bruce Davis (left), Prime Minister James Marape and invited guest on the progress of the Angau redevelopment project. The delegation were also shown the aerial view of before and after photos of the hospital redevelopment.
– Nationalpic by LARRY ANDREW

He said PNG would be stepping towards achieving his vision if it had “a public service free from corruption and bribery”.
Marape said he had already told investors at a meeting last week that there was no need to pay bribes to anyone within the public service to get things done.

“While addressing the Philippines Embassy, I also said I will get rid of all impediments in my Government. You (investors) don’t need to make unnecessary payments to anyone to do business.

“The only thing you need to pay is your fair share of taxes. Our country can become very rich. Only a few of us are working while our cousins are not at work.

“Even though they are not at work, and living in the village, that does not mean that they don’t dream big dreams for their children.

“If we don’t look after them, their children don’t go to school, they will grow into a class who will be a burden to the employed,” he added.

Marape said his greatest fear, since becoming CEO (chief executive officer) of PNG, if I (fail to deliver and) let the people down”.

“They deserve their dreams for their children, their dreams for our country. If we are not here to make it happen for our country, who else will make it happen.

“If it does not happen now, then when? If we don’t get cracking, then 10 years from now, a child who’s 10 now will be 20 and doing nothing in Lae, Mt Hagen or Tari.

“In 10 years’ time he is going to be a man, who’s going to ask questions. He will be trying to get married, to look after his family, and who else will he blame?

“This is why we cannot delay our work and strive to deliver for the people and country. We have to start making it happen (soonest or) now for our children to grow into competent adults contributing to nation-building.

“If we are not serious about what we are doing now, then 10 years from now, we will have another generation of Papua New Guineans loitering and doing nothing to help forward PNG.

“They will haunt us for our failure. Some leaders may have other countries that they can go to, but my children will be returning and be here.

“Your children will stay in this country. The pressure is huge, but if we can find good Papua New Guineans who are committed to the cause – both politicians and bureaucrats – then we will achieve something (positive and progressive),”

he added.


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