Laws on resources need to be changed, says prime minister

PRIME Minister James Marape said laws on resources are “outdated” and need to be changed.

“I know that our economy is bleeding and struggling. We will do our diagnostics into how our economy is doing now,” he said.

“The team of leaders I lead are all about doing what is right for our nation, taking back our economy, looking into resource laws (which) are outdated.
“We don’t intend to chase our investors, but we will look into maximising gain from what God has given this country from our natural resources.”

He said it was all about placing the country in the right place and “taking back the economy”.

“Our forestry, we don’t need foreigners to come in and export our forestry sector. Players in that sector, it’s time to go into downstream processing,” he said.

Marape said provincial governments must get involved “in these sorts of space”.

“When we talk about autonomy for provincial governments, we must go beyond and ability to raise revenue.
“Right now I don’t have the magic pill to give better services.
“Today I rally young, free-will thinking politicians. Fear not and let’s move on.”

He thanked public servants and called on them to work for an honest pay.
Marape also promised to continue the provincial and district services improvement programmes.

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