Tongamp questions depts on future of rundown plantations

The National PNG, – JIWAKA Governor Dr William Tongamp, pictured, is calling on three government departments to explain what is happening with the revival of rundown plantations which was allocated a K30 million funding.

They are the departments of agriculture, national planning, state investment and public enterprise.

Tongamp said people needed to know what was happening with the National Plantation Management Agency responsible for the rehabilitation of the plantations – coffee in the highlands, cocoa and copra in coastal areas.

He said Jiwaka had 12 coffee plantations which occupied 5000 hectares.
The provincial government has met all the criteria to acquire funding from the K30 million.

Tongamp said Jiwaka had provided K200,000, an office and a five-hectare piece of land to revive the coffee plantations.

He said the largest coffee plantation in Waghi Mek had contributed much to the national economy.

He said after providing what the agency wanted, he found out that the top management had been sacked.

“If my province is not receiving any aid from the National Plantation Management Agency, can I ask that the K200,000 be reimbursed?
He said Jiwaka had the biggest coffee plantations and needed the support from the agency.

“I’m not getting anything from the National Plantation Management Agency after wasting money, time and resources.

“I was willing to help so National Plantation Management Agency can revive the coffee plantations,” Tongamp said.

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