MRDC helps out villagers in LNG areas

MINERAL Resource Development Company (MRDC) commissioned three projects in the PNG LNG project plant site villages of Papa, Boera and Porebada, in Central, yesterday.
They were:

  • Two double classrooms built at a cost of K400,000 and fully kitted with desks for Papa Primary School;
  • Two tractors purchased at a cost of K400,000 to assist women in agriculture; and
  • A K1 million health post at Porebada village.

Those projects were funded by the Gas Resources PNG LNG Ltd (GR-PNGLNGL), through its 30 per cent community infrastructure trust fund (CITF) portion of landowner benefits from the PNG LNG project.
The funds are managed by the MRDC.

Managing director Augustine Mano said that in two years, MRDC had invested almost K3.5 million on education, health and agriculture sectors in the PNG LNG project plant site villages.

He said Papa Primary School would continue to be improved.

Two tractors were also handed over to women groups from the respective villages who will charge a minimal fee to farmers requiring its use.
The tractors will be used to promote agricultural sustainability in the four impacted communities.

One will service Boera and Porebada villages, while the other tractor will be used at Papa and Lealea villages.

Mano said this was the first time for MRDC to invest in women empowerment in the project area.

He said the health post at Porebada village would serve the four villages.
Mano said it would serve a population of 30,000 people in Porebada, Boera, Papa and Lealea villages who previously had to travel to Port Moresby for treatment.

He thanked the GR-PNGLNGPL directors for their working relationship with each other and the community to deliver services to their communities.
GR-PNGLNGPL has also partnered with key developers such as ExxonMobil, National Department of Health (NDoH) and landowner Company Laba Holdings to deliver significant impact projects to the communities.

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