Till the land, produce more for NC Market: PM

Prime Minister Charlot Salwai has challenged the people of Vanuatu, especially the young generation, to till the land, in order to produce more crops to meet the demand for the new market opening up in New Caledonia.

He made the call on the eve of his departure from New Caledonia, after the historic signing of trade agreements with the President of the Government of New Caledonia Philippe Germain last week.

Prime Minister Salwai urges Vanuatu farmers to fully utilize their land and produce more agricultural products to satisfy the New Caledonia market.

PM Salwai wants the people of Vanuatu, especially the young people to become more productive in agriculture, livestock and fisheries.

The Vanuatu Prime Minister said the Government has now committed itself in this direction in securing market with New Caledonia and it is now up to all farmers and the people of Vanuatu to step up and play their part in this economic process and the future of Vanuatu economy from here (2019) on.

The Agreement which PM Salwai and New Caledonia President Philip Germain signed on Wednesday last week creates a potential market for Vanuatu agricultural producers to export into New Caledonia. And because New Caledonia is within close proximity and is Vanuatu’s closest neighbour, it is an ideal opportunity for local famers to produce more for the new markets.

Source: The Vanuatu Daily Post


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