John Talu Tekwie: Vanimo Free Trade Zone Project Signed by Sandaun Governor


I am most honored to announce that the Honorable Governor for Sandaun Tony Wouwou has officially given his undivided support for immediate NEC APPROVAL AND DEVELOPMENT OF VANIMO FREE TRADE ZONE PROJECT, communicated through official letter to Prime Minister Peter O’Neil. Mr. Adam Wangu, Governor’s Executive Officer hand-delivered to me on Thursday afternoon 07/02/2019.

John Talu Tekwie
John Talu Tekwie and Mary Kira AS Policy and Information, Department of Commerce and Industry

Governor Wouwou has created his own remarkable chapter in our history by displaying truely mature and genuine commitment for Sandaun development and prosperity, making him the only Governor after myself, to waide and brush aside petty political issues and put people of Sandaun first. As founder/advocate of Free Trade Zones and Export Processing Zones in Papua New Guinea, and VFTZ Project Chairman, I express the deepest unspeakable appreciation and thankyou to the Honorable Governor Wouwou on behalf of our Vanimo Free Trade Zone Project Committee in POM and Vanimo and landowners of over 40-60 committed villages who have carried this vision tirelessly for 27 years now.

I also thank Lord Mayor for Vanimo Urban LLG Honorable Jerry Kina and over 40 Ward Members from BEWANI WUTUNG ONEI, VANIMO URBAN LLG AND AMANAB LLGs for their steadfastnes through the SUPPORT PETITION. The Governor’s support exemplifies result teamwork and dedicated passion for a new Sandaun in 15-20 years time.

AccordIngly I have formally delivered the letter to the Prime Minister, the Minister for Commerce and Industry, the Secretary for Commerce and Industry and the Policy and Information Division of the Department respectively, yesterday Friday 08/02/2019 morning, refer confirmation below.

Thev Project Committee will now be working with the Office of the Governor, PEC and Provincial Administration to secure all requirements at provincial level. I will be in Vanimo soon to setup initial land mobilization and awareness committees in following villages/locations:

(1) Vanimo village (2) Ningera (3) Krisa (4) Rawo (5) Pogo (6) Leitre (7) Puare (8) Onei (9) Sera (10) Sissano to Malol (11)Pai villages (12) Aitape (13) Nuku (14) Telefomin (15) Green River, Amanab & Walsa. More information will be given as we progress and more consultations are done. The Minister for Commerce and Industry, and the Governor will be invited to launch the program.

Given the Governor’s approval as political head of our province, I call on all landowners, citizens, professionals and civil society leaders to join my team to show our educated commitment and patriotic solidarity to work with Sandaun Provincial government and Administration to deliver this exciting Multi Billion Dollar national project this year.

The Vanimo Free Trade Zone Project is strategically the most dynamic and powerful economic platform that will add more diversified value-added export industry multiplier effect for all other major economic projects like USDD6-7Billion Dollar Frieda Copper Gold Project, Bewani Palm Oil, Idam Siawi Agroforest, Tourism, Cross-border commerce and many other projects.

Furthermore, I confirm growing interest from many genuine international investors globally as they all await final NEC APPROVAL anytime this month February.

Point to note, The Honorable Prime Minister Peter O’Neil will be visiting Vanimo next week on official invitation of the Governor. I have requested for him to announce the national government support for Vanimo FTZ Project in Vanimo during his visit. Governor is also aware so I hope this can be done.

Not the least, Thankyou again to Honorable Governor Tony Wouwou for this awesome support and may God bless your leadership, your family and staff. A special appreciation to Mr. Adam Wangu for putting-up with my continuous persistence and disturbances.

Papua New Guinea citizens and especially to you Sandaun people, the clouds of uncertainty have moved, its time to transform dreams to reality, NOW.

Thankyou to all you faithful partners for all for your prayers’….our God as opened the way forward!


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  1. melabiz says:

    Congratulations, let us work together to develop our villages and our tribes across Melanesia

  2. John Tekwie says:

    Corrections in photo. That’s myself and Mary Kira AS Policy and Information, Department of Commerce and Industry, not Governor Tony Wouwou. Please correct it.

  3. melabiz says:

    Thank you John, already corrected. Sorry for this. See you soon!

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