Wale says foreigners taking over businesses from locals

Aoke Langalanga MP Matthew Wale

Aoke Langalanga MP Matthew Wale

SolomonStarNews – FOREIGNERS are taking over businesses reserved for locals.

And the trend is going from bad to worse.

That’s according to Aoke Langalanga MP Matthew Wale when speaking in parliament recently.

“The issue of foreigners taking over businesses in the country is going out of control and the government has allowed this to happen,” Mr Wale said.

He added that foreigners operate buses, taxi and small shops into the outskirts of Honiara.

These are reserved.

The government must have been sleeping on the wheel, adding the state terribly fails to reign in on the issue.

“Where is the government now?

“Where is the government for the indigenous people of this beloved country?

“Are you sleeping?”

He said that this is not an argument against foreigners, but an argument for the rightful place for businesses for locals.

Mr Wale said that the situation has gone from bad to worse over the last seven years.


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