Vanuatu Tourism Office has ‘optimistic’ plan for 2018

The Vanuatu Tourism Office (VTO) has a ‘good’ plan all set out for 2018. A dynamic team comprising of the VTO General Manager, Mrs Adela Aru, Marketing Manager, Allan Kalfabun, Information and Data Research Manager, Sebastien Bador with support technical advisor and staff are showing very good signs that 2018 will have big impact... more →
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Increase in labour mobility licensees to over 100

Vanuatu Daily Post – The Government has approved 78 new licenses for recruitment of Vanuatu workers for Recognized Seasonal Employment (RSE) in New Zealand and Seasonal Workers Program (SWP) in Australia and renewed the 33 current licenses taking the total license holders to 111. Minister of Internal Affairs Andrew Napuat... more →
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Barker on issues with rice market

By MARK HAIHUIE, INSTITUTE of National Affairs executive director Paul Barker, pictured, says plans to restructure the rice market should consider competition issues in a balanced manner for domestic growers and companies which import it. Barker was responding to a recent explanation by Minister for... more →
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Vanuatu: Price Controls Coming?

The Price Control Bureau has been reactivated under the Ministry of Finance and Economic Management. After deactivation in 2009, the Ministry of Finance has reactivated it to ensure traders, persons engaged in commercial activities and persons providing services do not take advantage of the recent Value Added Tax (VAT) increase to... more →
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Ramu NiCo finally seals deal with workers’ union

THE Labour Department has recognised and is impressed with the industrial award signed between Ramu NiCo Allied Workers’ Union and Ramu NiCo Management (MCC) Ltd, an official says. Madang labour representative Peter Neimani, who was the negotiation chairman between the union and Ramu NiCo, said the registrar of the department was... more →
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LNG Project in PNG: First royalty payment successful

By SHIRLEY MAULUDU THE first phase of the recommencement of landowner beneficiary identification (LOBID) within PNG LNG Project impact areas has been completed, Department of Petroleum and Energy spokesperson says. The spokesperson said that the completed areas were for the pipeline segments starting from Kikori, in Gulf, to Beneria,... more →
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Kava exporter: it’s time to take advantage of high prices and grow the industry

A Fijian kava exporter is urging Pacific people to focus on commercial operations rather than small subsistence farming following last month’s lifting of a European Union kava export ban. Lami Kava director Donny Jason Yee, whose family has been farming kava since the 1970s, said now is the time to take advantage of high kava prices... more →
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Jhon Kwano: Doing Business in Melanesia is Still Done in Service to the Colonial Masters

Jhon Y. Kwano, the owner of as a start-up minimarket in West Papua says business in Melanesia is still done in service to the colonial masters, not to help ourselves in our regional economy. He points out for example, most of the business deals are done between Melanesian nation-state with western countries like New... more →
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Morobe man takes big bite into apple farming

Menyamya villager Eric John Menyamya villager Eric John has registered an apple business and plans to develop an orchard on his land in Morobe. John said he has seedlings in his nursery and has trees growing on his land. His first seedlings came from an apple he bought in Lae in 2004 and he has since invested time and money on growing... more →
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AFIC Committee Dissolved, Interim Manager Appointed

Barnabas Tabi, Founder and Director of AFIC is ordered not to interfere with any dealings of AFIC. Director of the Apma Financial Investment Centre (AFIC) Barnabas Tabi was served with an order yesterday afternoon to hand in all files, keys, and assets of AFIC to the Registrar of Cooperatives and refrain from all dealings with AFIC... more →
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