Mining Protest in Lala, Temotu Provice, Solomon Islands

The mining officials were turned back upon their arrival in Lata last Sunday

The mining officials were turned back upon their arrival in Lata last Sunday

AN anti-mining group in Lata, Temotu province has protested against a mining talks in Lata, Temotu province over the weekend.

As a result three local mining officials were turned back at the Lata airport last Sunday.

The Pacific Bauxite Mining official arrived at Lata for mining talks with land owners and provincial leaders when they were turned back to board the same flight to Honiara.

Alistair Lemoba, one of the leaders of the anti-mining group said, that its about high time for the resource owners and people to raise up and stand for what is rightly theirs.

“We have all the rights to do this. Its our rights to protect our resources and environment.

“Its only a peaceful demonstration where our people express their disagreement on the proposed bauxite mining operation on Santa Cruz Island,” he explained.

He said that the message is clear enough; “We don’t need mining!”

Lata Police commander Frank Menesa confirmed the incident in which his officers stepped in and calm the situation down.

“People were unhappy about mining, so they turned back mining officials at the airport.

“We stepped in to calm down the situation.”

In June this year, there was a planned peaceful protest where Mr Menesa did not grant for security reasons.

Pacific Bauxite has proposed to carry out its mining operation in Santa Cruz Islands.


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