Pengusaha perempuan Vanuatu masuk 70 perempuan inspirasional Pasifik

Rosemary Leona pemiliki Hotel Vila Rose an bisnis ekspor kava Vanuatu Wise – DVU Port Vila, Jubi – Seorang pengusaha wanita asli Ni-Vanuatu, Rosemary Leona, adalah bukti nyata perempuan Pasifik mampu mengukir nama di area bisnis yang didominasi oleh pria di kawasan tersebut. Leona telah menerima pengakuan oleh South Pacific... more →
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Landowners told start businesses from payment

September 12, 2017 The NationalBusiness PLANT site landowners in the four PNG LNG project-impacted villages should use the project as a catalyst to do business, says a housing estate developer. Edai Town Development Limited director Kym Yong said locals should focus on doing business by using their land royalties. “The project... more →
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Haiveta vows to back Gulf people resolve land issues

September 12, 2017 The National Business Haiveta vows to back Gulf people resolve land issues GULF Governor Chris Haiveta has promised to support his people in resolving their landowner issues quickly so that they can be paid royalties due to them. The Mineral Resource Development Company handed out the first PNG LNG royalty payments... more →
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