Seafood marketing training for fish managers

Vanuatu Daily Post – A Seafood Export Market Development (SEMD) training is currently taking place at the Department of Agriculture at Tagabe in Port Vila. The objective of the training course is to promote commercial market development and the establishment of export markets leading to the achievement of increased value of... more →
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TopWan Brand launched

Vanuatu Daily Post – Two local Community Based sanitation Enterprises (CBEs) established last year targeting families in Blacksands and Erakor Half-Road achieve better health and well-being through access to toilets and safe sanitation, have recently launched TopWan Brand and few of their original products. The new brand name... more →
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Banyak perusahaan kontraktor kamp pengungsi melanggar HAM

Pusat penampungan pengungsi di Nauru./RNZI Nauru, Jubi – Organisasi Amnesty International memperingatkan beberapa perusahaan kontraktor penyelenggara kamp pengungsi milik Australia di Nauru. Perusahaan-perusahaan ini dituding telah melakukan pelanggaran HAM selama menjalankan tugasnya di kamp. Dalam laporan terbarunya yang berjudul ‘Treasure... more →
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Ni-Vanuatu eating more imported than local food: Questionnaire

Vanuatu Daily Post – More and more ni-Vanuatu are eating imported food than the local food, information gleaned from a survey that is part of awareness and consultations for a Food Security and Food Safety and Nutrition Policy for Vanuatu shows. Mrs. Emily Tumukon, consultant for food security, food safety and nutrition policy... more →
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