KTT APEC PNG 2018: KTT Amburadul dan Pinjam Sana-Sini

Oelh Dahlan Iskan, diposkan di FB Marinus Yaung Baru sekali ini terjadi. Sebagian peserta KTT APEC tidak tinggal di negara penyelenggara: Papua New Guinea. Sampai jadi bahan guyonan. Wakil Presiden Amerika Serikat misalnya, tinggal di Australia. Demikian juga Sultan Bolkiah dari Brunai. Pagi-pagi mereka terbang dari Australia. Menghadiri... more →
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Congratulations: Papua New Guinea and Melanesia are Into the World Politics and Economy

Papua New Guinea’s capital Port Moresby, as the biggest capital city across Melanesia has successfully held the biggest international event in Melanesian history, ‘the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit)”. Peter O’Neill has been famous for his “politics of engagement” approach along... more →
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Malaysian PM defends developing countries

Malaysian PM defends developing countries DEVELOPING nations should not be blamed when in their efforts to catch up with developed nations, they end up losing, says Malaysia Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad. He said previous models in trade, economy, governance and politics could no longer be followed. Some nations were still trying... more →
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Eyes of the world will be on PNG during APEC, says PM

The Papua New Guinea Prime Minister has used Monday’s Independence Day address to promote what he calls the biggest meeting in PNG’s history, the 2018 APEC Summit. During a flag raising ceremony Peter O’Neill said in two months will the eyes of the world will be on PNG when they host the event. The Post Courier reported... more →
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Australian troops in PNG for APEC

Australian Special Forces soldiers have quietly been deployed to Papua New Guinea before the APEC meeting of world leaders. The ABC reported the elite Australian Army personnel were “on the ground”, amid concerns PNG’s military was not adequately equipped to control the large event in November. Among world leaders... more →
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