Mismanagement Challenges Facing Air Vanuatu and Vanuatu Rural Development Bank: Suggestions for Restructuring and Partnerships

Vanuatu is a stunning archipelago situated in the South Pacific. However, its government statutory entities, particularly Air Vanuatu and Vanuatu Rural Development Bank (VRDB), are facing challenges due to mismanagement issues that have resulted in poor performance and financial instability over the years. It is essential to... more →
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Flight Attendants Paid As Low as VT2,600 A Fortnight

Air Vanuatu has been the only major Airline flying in Vanuatu for over 17 years, a company dedicated to service. But is VT2,600 a fortnight sufficient pay for these services? ”Before COVID-19 I was being paid VT20,000 a fortnight,” a source who formerly worked at Air Vanuatu as a flight attendant and wishes to remain anonymous... more →
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