Alleged Human Trafficking in Vannuatu by Mr. Price Company

Richard Nenua: Mr Price
By Richard M. Nanua and Royson Willie, the Vanuatu Daily Post  The Magistrate Court remanded a Bangladesh couple over what is said to be the biggest human trafficking and slavery case in Vanuatu and the region yesterday. Sekdah Somon and Buxoo Nabilah Bibi – the owners of ‘Mr Price’ in Vanuatu – were arrested and charged... more →
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Chinese Shop still using plastic bags

A mother who walked out of a Chinese shop carrying rice, flour and charcoal in plastic bags
Vanuatu Daily Post – A mother who walked out of a Chinese shop carrying rice, flour and charcoal in plastic bags, has questioned why the Government has banned plastic bags in all shops yet allows the Chinese shops to continue selling rice, flour and charcoal in plastic bags to shoppers. A mother who walked out of a Chinese... more →
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Gold for Vanuatu Aelan Chocolate Makers!

Vanuatu Aelan Chocolate
Gold for Vanuatu Aelan Chocolate Makers! Vanuatu Daily Post – A local social responsible business owned by ACTIV Association has beaten hundreds of participants to scoop two gold medals in an international chocolate competition. Aelan Chocolate Makers entered the International Chocolate Salon competition for Artisan Chocolate... more →
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Government Business Enterprises Bill Shelved Temporarily

Vanuatu National Parliament Building
Vanuatu National Parliament Building The Bill for the Commercial Government Business Enterprises Act No. of 2018 has been temporarily shelved by Parliament. This came after much debate from both sides of the House. A set of criteria have been established to guide an Ad-hoc Committee in its deliberations to complete the work before... more →
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Fighting For Justice for Small Farmers in Vanuatu

Obama family on vacation Getty Images/Pool
By Sarai Stephens, Vanuatu Daily Post Madame Claire with supporters at Banban. The Vanuatu Coconut Project (VCP) promised major improvements for the lifestyle of small-scale or ‘grass roots’ coconut farmers in Vanuatu. The funds for this Project were sourced from the European Commission through former Ambassador to Brussels,... more →
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UNCTAD facilitates consultation on eTrade

Vanuatu Government OFficials dealing with Kava Processing
The Vanuatu Daily Post – A week-long consultation on eTrade conducted by Sven Callebaut, from the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), and Fred Samuel, the local contractor. UNCTAD Consultant Sven Callebaut, National Consultant Fred Samuel, and Senior Officials from MTTCNVB eTrade is defined as “…the... more →
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Launching Tafea Cooperative Guest House

Deputy Prime Minister and Australian High Commissioner confirm partnership with handshake
The Vanuatu Daily Post – Deputy Prime Minister and Minister responsible for Cooperatives, Joe Natuman and Australian High Commissioner, Jenny Da Rin, jointly launched an impressive fully furnished new concrete building with three additional bedrooms at a cost of Vt1.3 million, to bring the total number of bedrooms of Tafea... more →
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Vanuatu’s Ultimatum to Investors

Vanuatu Minister of Internal Affairs Andrew Napuat
Vanuatu Minister of Internal Affairs Andrew Napuat All investors and foreigners who are currently residing and working in Vanuatu have three weeks to ensure they are complying with Vanuatu’s Labour and Immigration laws or they will face the full force of the law. Minister of Internal Affairs Andrew Napuat gave the ultimatum yesterday... more →
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Coffee Pulper machine for north Pentecost farmers

Handing over of coffee pulper from DARD to farmers in north Pentecost
Vanuatu Daily Post, By Anita Roberts Handing over of coffee pulper from DARD to farmers in north Pentecost It has been brought to the attention of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD) that arabic coffee can be grown at Lagatava in north Pentecost, just like on Tanna and Epi. The Department is providing assistance... more →
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Vanuatu Tourism Office has ‘optimistic’ plan for 2018

The Vanuatu Tourism Office (VTO) has a ‘good’ plan all set out for 2018. A dynamic team comprising of the VTO General Manager, Mrs Adela Aru, Marketing Manager, Allan Kalfabun, Information and Data Research Manager, Sebastien Bador with support technical advisor and staff are showing very good signs that 2018 will have big impact... more →
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