Samoa recycle company to assist Tokelau with waste management

Waste management in Tokelau has been identified as an urgent priority with increasing amounts of rubbish being disposed on the atolls.

A Memorandum of Understanding was signed this month between Tokelau’s Economic Development, Natural Resources and Environment and the Pacific Recycle company in Apia, Samoa.

The dumping of waste on land or at sea is an ongoing issue on Tokelau due to the shortage of land area for a rubbish dump.

A study in 2003 discovered a decline in particular fish species due to waste contamination damaging the health of coral ecosystems.

Tokelau’s Department of Economic Development, Natural Resources and Environment consulted with communities who expressed their main concern was the management of waste.

The MOU aims to improve overall waste management in all three atolls.

Tokelau Photo: Supplied

Check out the private French Polynesian island Obama is about to vacation on for a month

Less than two months since leaving office, former President Barack Obama is doing an excellent job at giving us destination envy.

First there was the Caribbean kitesurfing adventure with Richard Branson, and now he’s off to another paradise on Earth: French Polynesia.

the brando french polynesian island
the brando french polynesian island

On Wednesday, Obama landed in Tahiti, according to local reports, on his way to luxury resort The Brando (named in honor of the late actor Marlon Brando) on the private atoll of Tetiaroa.

“Tetiaroa is beautiful beyond my capacity to describe,” Brando said of the spot. “One could say that Tetiaroa is the tincture of the South Seas.”

the brando hotel french polynesia
the brando hotel french polynesia

The resort, which was designed “to reflect Polynesian lifestyles and culture,” has 35 villas on white-sand beaches with sea turtles and exotic birds. Nightly rates start at more than $2,000.

Besides enjoying the scenery, it isn’t clear what Obama will be doing during his stay on the island, or if his family will be joining him at some point. However, there is speculation that he could be working on his memoirs, for which he and Michelle Obama recently scored about $60 million.

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French Polynesia business lending slows

Banks in French Polynesia are reporting a business slowdown after a promising beginning of the year.

The IEOM, which issues the French Pacific franc, says lending to businesses in the second quarter has seen a decrease by five percent.

It says this is the lowest level in four years.

The territory’s economy has suffered a contraction in the past decade, with a sharp increase in unemployment.

French Polynesia, Papeete waterfront Photo: RNZ
French Polynesia, Papeete waterfront Photo: RNZ